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Futsal Winter 2021-2022


First Capital Football Club

Futsal Winter 2021/2022

Homeland Credit Union Cavalier Athletic Center

Registration for Teams and Individuals is OPEN through November 24th 2021


Program Details 

Registration for Teams - Teams can register for the League.  Coaches may form their own teams and complete the league application form. All players must fit the age and gender requirements for the division and players may only play on 1 team per division. Team Fee is $400 Maximum of 12 players. Click Here to View Team Application


Registration for Individuals-  Players can sign up individually to play on an FCFC Futsal Team.  Teams will be formed by the FCFC Staff in an attempt to keep a competitive balance, ensure player development, and FCFC will provide coaching for games and practices. Players must register online at www.firstcapitalfc.com for the program titled “Futsal at the CAC” $75 per player which includes a minimum of 6 games, 4 practices, and a Team T-Shirt.


Location- Homeland Credit Cavalier Athletic Center 1245 Western Avenue, Chillicothe OH


Who Can Play?- This program/league will be open to any and every soccer player who wishes to be a part of the Futsal at the CAC.  Athletes from any and all schools, clubs, and programs!


Season- Teams will begin practicing in December of 2021 and League games will begin in January. Every team will play a minimum of 6 games and registration includes 4 One Hour practices per team. 


Games-  Each game will consist of 2 Halves of 22 minutes.  Primary game dates are Mondays and Thursday between 5:30-8:30pm. We may adjust these Dates and Times depending on the registration including Fridays and Saturdays.


Age Groups and Divisions

  • U10 Coed - Players born in 2012-2014

  • U12 Coed - Players born in 2010-2011

  • U15 Coed - Players born in 2007-2009

  • High School Boys - Anyone born in 2003-2007

  • High School Girls - Girls born in 2003-2009

Frequently Asked Questions


Can my son/daughter play with their friends?

During the registration process you can request a teammate, we will do our best to honor any matching teammate requests for FCFC based teams.


Can my son/daughter play on more than one team?

Not in the same division, however, every player may choose to play “up” to the age group/division above their true age.  Example: a 20011 Boy can play in the Coed U12 division as well as the U15 Boys Division.  


When will registration end?

Registration is open now and will remain open through Wednesday November 24th. 


What do the kids wear?

Every Player will need to wear “flats”, while Indoor Soccer shoes are preferred you will be able to wear tennis shoes/running shoes.  Players will be required to wear shin guards and socks that completely cover the shin guards.  Any shorts/pants that they would like and their league issued Team T-Shirt or Team Color Uniform


Can I bring my own water bottle?

YES!! - Only Water will be permitted in the playing area.


Will we need Goalkeepers?

Futsal is played with a Goalkeeper and 4 Field Players. 


What if we do not get enough teams to form a League?

We will provide a training program for the players who register and attempt to play in scrimmages or tournaments based on the situation.


Full List of US Youth Futsal Rules - https://www.usyouthfutsal.com/the-rules   


Contact Zach Breth at zach@firstcapitalfc.com with any questions or concerns